bonny's beasts

beasts, birds and fantastical felted creatures

Throughout my childhood, my mother fostered in me a passion for learning new craft skills, a love of stuffed animals, and a tendency to anthropomorphize everything from stuffed toys to the Thanksgiving turkey. This has come in handy; I’ve spent most of my adult life creating and performing puppet shows with my partner, Jamie Keithline, as the Crabgrass Puppet Theatre.

In the last few years I’ve begun making creatures that have an existence separate from the world of theater. I have two primary lines of work: felted fantastical birds for adults, which are unlike anything seen in nature; and felted beasts, which make sturdy and lovable toys for children or adults.

I was born in North Carolina, grew up in North Carolina and Massachusetts, and have spent my adult life in California, Connecticut, and Vermont. Jamie and I currently live on a hillside near Brattleboro, Vermont, overlooking the Green River.

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