bonny's beasts

of beasts and bonny

I have created and performed puppet shows with my partner Jamie Keithline for my entire adult life, as Crabgrass Puppet Theatre. A few years ago I began felting, and my birds and animals are now fighting it out with the puppets for studio space.

Jamie and I began our puppet company in 1982 in San Francisco. We have performed all over the country in schools, theaters and museums. I am now retired from performing but I continue to design, build and direct our shows.

My felting work began with needle-felting, but became more directed after taking a workshop with Andrea Graham, who creates exquisite 3D pod-like sculptures. The techniques I learned from her became a solid jumping-off point for my birds, which are both needle- and wet-felted. My felted animals are also needle- and wet-felted, and were inspired by the work of German felter Gabriele Mazaracis.

I work in our studio in the country in Southeastern Vermont. It’s a big, open, sunny space. When the windows are open, we can hear the Green River. It is very quiet and lovely, and we are thankful every day that we landed here. Nature is both an important inspiration and a daily necessity. I continue to explore new ideas and creatures. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to do is get into the studio to start working.

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